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Quests are mini-adventures that you do to obtain an item, experience points, or even get another character.  They can be accepted by going into the Bar 'Luna Light' and looking under the Quest List.  You can accept a total up to 3 at a time.  When viewing them, you can see the client who submitted the quest, what you have to do to complete it, and a possible reward you recieve once it's done.  They can also be cancelled if you decide to change your mind about doing them.  But once you cancel it, it's over and can't be redone again.  More quests become available when you venture further down into the Labyrinth.  To actual get the reward, you have to return to the Tavern when the quest is completed.  The game will let you know it's completed by telling you (I.E.- Lydia's quest is completed, go to the Tavern to get your reward).

Lydia 1
Lydia 2
Maria 1
Maria 2
Helga 1
Helga 2
Helga 3
Garcia 1
Garcia 2

Help Me Conquer My Fear
"I've lost my pride as a ninja ever since I was faced with death.  Will you help me to conquer this fear so that I can stand tall in battle."
You must take Kyo with you (you don't really have a choice, since you need him in order to enter the Labyrinth) and complete B1 of the Labyrinth.  When you first come to the 4 way path early in B1, take the north path follow it until you're outside.  Walk to the end of  it and Kyo will talk about his path and his near brush with death.
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Ricardo Tell Me What 'Trust' Is
"Help me believe that "trust" is an integral part of an adventure.  I know it's an odd request.  But, it's important to me."
Again, you HAVE to take him with you and do the same as Kyo; complete B1.  When you first come to the 4 way path early in B1, the the left path and follow it into a small room and you'll find a corpse.  Search it, and you'll be ambushed by rogues.  Defeat them, search the body again and take the shield.
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Lisa Charm To Fulfill A Love
"Please retrieve a Pixie's Wing needed to perform a Pixie's Charm.  It's a charm that will fulfill a love."
Simply go to B1 of the Labyrinth and kill Pixies until you get a Pixie's Wing.
Hair Ornament (Lapis Ornament)
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Help My Boyfriend
"I'm ashamed of telling, but my dumb boyfriend started somekind of stupid business.  Please do something to set him straight."
Go down to B1, and continue through it (the long way), until you come the the 4 way stop.  You'll meet Eric (Lydia's boyfriend), and he'll try to sell you some monster supplies; turn him down.  Then, go into the east room (where you did Ricardo's Quest), and you'll meet up with him again.  He talks to you amount monster materials and how they're hard to get, and he'll sell you some monsters you can kill to loot the materials from.  Pick whichever one you want, it doesn't matter.  When you kill them, you find out the parts are useless as materials and you get you're money back.  He'll then give up and leave.
Exp. 350
Reward Magic Stone (Feal Stone)
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Lydia Change My Boyfriend
"I'm embarrassed to say, but my dumb boyfriend started another stupid business.  Please do something to make him think like a normal human being."
Again, go to B1, and you'll run into Eric saying he's opened up a Material Shop in the east room (of the 4 way junction).  Just sell to him one of every type of material.
Exp. 50000
Reward Shield (Pheromone Shield)
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Maria Train Me To Be a Priest
"I would like to be a priest.  But, I have yet to learn many, many things in order to become one.  Please allow me to practice healing paralysis."
Go down to B2 and let a zombie or undead kobold hit you and paralyze you.  Then go back to the Tavern and she'll heal you.
Exp. 400
Reward Magic Stone (Parazkea Stone)
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Maria Train Me To Be a Bishop
"I am aiming to become a bishop.  But, I have much to learn before becoming one.  Please allow me to resurrect people from their ashes."
Let one of your party members get killed and try to bring them back yourself with a low level Carcass spell.  When it fails and they turn to ash, just return to the Tavern and she will Resurrect him/her.  Will not fail.  *You might want to save it before you try to casting Carcass, so you can just reset it if it works.  The Temple isn't suggested either, because they have a high rate of success.*
Exp. 7000
Reward Cloak (Bishop's Cloak)
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Helga I'm Opening A Magic Stone Shop!
"Retrieve a specific stone in the labyrinth for my fabulous plan!  I'll reveal my secret plan to whomever accepts my quest!"
Meet up with Gotz on B1 and he'll give you the Labyrinth Stone.  Then, just go back to the Tavern and give it to her.
Magic Stone (Creta Stone)
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Helga I'm Opening A Weapon Shop!
"Retrieve a Hound's Ear for magnificent plan!  I'll reveal my top secrete plan to whomever accepts my quest!"
Go down to B5 and kill Gaze Hounds until you find a Hound's Ear then return to the Tavern.
Exp. 5000
Reward Mace (Combo Mace)
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Helga I'll Sell Special Swords
"Go spread the good word about the grand of my new shop, HelgaMart!  Don't worry, you'll be gettin a fat paycheck!"
When you accept the quest, Helga with give you a special item called the Houndsword (you can't equip it).  Just carry it around and fight about 30 or so battles then return to the Tavern.  She'll ask if you've been showing it around and you say Yes.  That's it.  *You can, if you want, go to Helga's Room and take part in the auction.  She'll pull you in and show you off to the other bidders there... you must do this if you wish to obtain the Clear Quartz later on.*
Exp. 8000
Reward Vellum (Recovering Vellum)
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Garcia Find A Girl Name Rui
"I asked a girl named Rui to do something for me, but I'm worried because she hasn't come back yet.  Would you go search for her?"
This quest isn't available until AFTER you've already completed it (yeah, really).  Go down to B2, and walk around the 2nd floor until you find Rui.  She tells you go back to the Tavern and tell Garcia that she'll return with the goods he wanted.  Then go back to the Tavern and the quest is now open.  Accept it and that's it.
Exp. 400
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Garcia Delivering An Axe
"Would you please deliver this axe to Wolfe?  That fool went to go kill the Vampire Lord."
In B8, head to the large room in the southwestern end of the map.  You'll meet up with Wolfe and Grace fighting the Vampire Lord.  You'll then help them out by fighting him also.  Defeat him and return to the Tavern.
Exp. 38000
Reward Two-handed Sword (Neck Breaker)
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Lorenzo Check If He Is Dead Or Alive
"I heard that Gilman was imprisoned in an underground cell.  Can you verify if he died during the Flash or not?"
In B2, go down to the 3rd floor.  Go to the 1st elevator room and break through the back wall.  The go across to the other side of the floor and into the red switch room and hit the switch to move the bridge up to the 2nd floor.  Break through the wall in this room, and go down the path that leads you back across the floor.  Now, go up to the 2nd floor and go across the now accessible bridge and fall down the center pit.  Continue going down until you run into a fairy that tells you where Gilman's body is.  Search the room with a skeleton in it and take the Name Tag back to the Tavern.
Exp. 1500
Reward Dagger (Petrified Dagger)
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Anonym Tell Me Who I Am
"I lost my memory during the Flash... I can't remember who I am nor where I came from...Will you find out who I am?"
This one is quite simple.  Just go to the exact same place where you did Lorenzo's "Check if he is dead or alive" quest.  You run into a Pixie that will tell you that a Bishop killed him, and will hand you a rosary.  Then return to the Tavern.
Exp. 2000
Reward Staff (Silencing Staff)
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Merrick I Want To Make A Wonder Drug
"Will you bring me back 2 dragon hearts?  I need these to make the wonder drug for immortality."
Go down to B3 and kill Gas Dragons until you get 2 dragon hearts, then return to the Tavern.
Exp. 4500
Reward Cloak (Anti Evil Cloak)
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Palo I Want To Sleep Soundly
"Someone disrupts my sleep... Will you find that "someone"?  He's somewhere in the labyrinth... and he looks just like me."
Go down to B4.  Drop into one the pits in the lower right side of the map.  Once down there, keep going right until you find a small room with a corpse in it.  A scene will occur where Palo shows up, along with a group of Imperial Ninjas.  They tell you that Palo was killed in the flash.  Palo says that he isn't dead, but that everyone else is dead (Mmm hmm...).  Palo turns into a Rotting Corpse that you must fight.  Kill him and the Ninjas will thank you then leave.  Go back to the Tavern and an adventurer will tell you that someone has left a reward for you.
Exp. 11000
Reward Charm (Ash Charm)
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Rose Find Out About My Husband
"My husband has been sneaking into the labyrinth lately.  I think he's hiding something.  Can you find out for me?  His name is Giorgio and has long hair."
Go down to B4.  Start walking around on ground, and you will eventually run into him.  He starts talking about his past, and how he lost someone dear to him.  He then places a ring on a gravestone and disappears (into thin air, mind you).  You take the ring, and bring it back to Rose.
Exp. 10000
Reward Hair Ornament (Elf Hair Ornament)
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Gustav Recover Our Party's Shield
"I've lost my party's shield because I made a mistake.  And fate has not allowed me a change to turn the tables.  Please retrieve our shield in lieu of myself."
Go down to B4.  Drop down into one of the pits on the upper right side of the map.  Look around the room until you find a small bag next to 2 corpses.  Take the 'shield' that's inside the bag, and a rotting corpse will approach you.  When asked what to do, choose to 'watch it for awhile'.  It'll then leave.  Go back to the Tavern.  *Note~Choosing 'watch it for a while' allows you to later get Orphe & Aoba as Registered Members at the Tavern.
Exp. 11000
Reward Shield (Reinforcing Shield)
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Paul I Wanna Do The Right Thing
"Will you throw this stone into the drinking fountain?  It's really effective because it's a Sage's Stone.  I'm sure everybody'll be happy."
When you accept this quest, he will give you a stone, Sage's Stone, to bring down to B5 and throw into a spring.  The stone will magically change the water and will cure anything.  Go down to B5, and continue down the spiraling path until you reach a dead end, with a breakaway wall.  Break through that wall and go down the short path, and take a right.  Go into the room there and throw the stone into the spring.  The spring has now been purified and can heal all hp, mp and status (not death, ash, or possess).  Go back to the Tavern and tell Paul that you threw the stone into the spring.
Exp. 12000
Reward Wrist (Parvenu Wrist)
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Geese Please Find Hannah
"Will you find a girl named Hannah?  I don't know how she disappeared.  When I got back back from the labyrinth, she was nowhere to be found."
Down in B5, locate the room that is guarded by a Pixie (if you didn't accepted this quest and you talked to her, she'll try to con you out of a Carcass or Cathedral stone; not a good idea).    After you talk to her, she'll tell you that a demon keeps killing this person that she likes, no matter how many times she brings him back.  Enter the room and face the Lesser Demon.  Kill him, she'll tell you she hates humans and wants nothing to do with them anymore and then throws a pair of earrings at you.  You pick them up and take them back to Geese and tell him what happened.
Exp. 21000
Reward Wrist (Knight's Wrist)
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Fawn Bring Back Our Music
"Please bring back our music so that I have hope to go on with my life."
Right after you accept this quest, an adventure will walk up to you and tell you how much of a dumb quest that is you just took.  He also tells you that he has a sister who's into music and that she might be able to help you.  Go down to B5 to where the Healing Spring is, but instead of going right, go left into the other room across the way.  Talk to Lucida, and tell her of your problem.  She'll then tell you of a story of how an Elf girl saved her life, and how she had a beautiful voice.  She'll leave and go back to town; you do the same.  Go to the Tavern, and you'll meet up with Lucida and Fawn, and she'll sing that song that she heard.  Fawn will be relieved, and tells you he will go on with life.  That's it.
Exp. 12000
Reward Hair Ornament (Mitral Ornament)
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Walter Find A Certain Book
"I want you to find the Book of Festivals.  It's an ancient book, and someone has seen it in the Labyrinth."
Go down to B6.  Go to the large pink area on the map and go inside.  You will notice that your map and your Map spell doesn't work.  Just after you step inside, walk a little ahead and go right, and you'll see a body against the right wall.  Search it and you'll find a book.  You can read it if you want to, but you really need to take it and bring it back to Walter in the Tavern to complete the quest.
Exp. 30000
Reward Ring (Sorceror's Ring)
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Elizabeth I Wanna Go To The Labyrinth
"I wantchu gochu the myshterious labarinth.  Pwease show me the same labarinth I dwrew in my bwook."
Um... yeah.... it's actually typed that way in the game.  For this quest, you will have to take this old couple to various areas of the labyrinth; more specifically, 1 certain location per level starting from B1 down to B6.  This quest is not available until all other quests are completed.
B1 - Spring of Fortune Just before going down to B2, walk up the the spring near there.
B2 - Prison of Evil Go down into the area where you did Lorenzo's "Check if he is dead or alive" quest.
B3 - Labyrinth Go all the way through it and go down to B4, then go back up to B3.
B4 - Grave of the Gorgeous Couple Follow along until you fall down the 1st red pit.  Continue until your back on the surface.  Go north a little, then go west, turn south, and go west again (the 1st dead end surrounded by pits).  Refer to Maps page if you need help.
B5 - Sage's Spring Simply go to the Healing Spring where you completed Paul's "I wanna do the right thing" quest.
B6 - Hell of Mold Go to the large pink area where maps don't work.  Then, just walk on through it and out the other side.  That's it.
Once you're done.  Just go back to the Tavern.
Exp. 40000
Reward Robe (Pashmina Robe)
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Hina Help My Brother
"Would you help my brother, please?  I'd rather have you kill the Greater Demon before my brother?"
Take Hina with you if you want to complete this quest.  After you fight Incubus, go down the path until you come across a large room filled with poison pits.  Keep going through B6, and jump down the broken draw bridge towards the end.  You'll find a body chained the wall with markings on the wall written in blood.  Hina's brother will show up and confront the demon.  You'll, of course, fight it too.  He is REALLY strong, so becareful.  Kill the Greater Demon.  Then, Hina's brother will talk about something or another, then die.  Hina will then thank you.  You don't get any exp or reward, but you do get a really good character to play (or just to swipe equipment from).
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